Creating with balance, simplicity & intention. Chad Green
is a NY-based Designer/Art Director with a focus on user
centered design that humanizes brands.


Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design,
Photography, UX/UI Design, Videography 


Creating IT Futures
Dear Gaza
Eversana Intouch

Sweets Kendamas
The Hole NYC
Walker Art Center


2018 - 2024


UI/UX Design, UX Research      

Sammy, a key member of Beyoncé's music crew, was staying at the Line Hotel in Washington, DC. he needs an app to gauge and manage the cyber exposure of his hotel room

I applied the double diamond method to my design process by initially exploring user needs and market trends (Discover), then clearly defining the design challenges (Define). Next, I brainstormed creative solutions that meld iOS simplicity, ChatGPT's functionality, and Flighty's utility (Develop), followed by refining the app through user feedback to ensure it meets its user-friendly, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing goals (Deliver).

  • Enhanced User Awareness: Increase in user awareness and understanding of cyber threats in public spaces, as evidenced by user engagement metrics and feedback.
  • Community Engagement: Growth in community-driven threat reporting, reflecting a proactive and collective approach to managing cyber exposure.
  • Behavioral Change: Users take informed actions to protect themselves online, reducing the incidence of successful cyber attacks among the app's user base.
  • Improved Cyber Hygiene: Users adopt better cyber hygiene practices, as demonstrated by pre- and post-engagement surveys and reduced vulnerability scores.

  • Reduced Cyber Vulnerability: Decrease in the number of successful cyber attacks in public spaces among users, contributing to a safer digital environment.
  • Empowered Individuals: Users feel more in control of their digital safety and are equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate the cyber world securely.
  • Strengthened Digital Community: Creation of a vigilant and informed digital community that actively participates in enhancing collective cyber security.
  • Innovative Cyber Security Model: Establishing a new standard for how individuals interact with and manage cyber security in public spaces, potentially influencing broader industry practices.


UX/UI Design, Visual Design
As a Designer and Researcher, my responsibility was to enhance the brand recognition of Pontera within the Fintech industry. Since their platform is unique, my objective was to attract attention, engage people better, and communicate the function of certain design elements more intuitively. 


Art Direction/Visual Design
As an Art Director with Eversana Intouch, I maintained ownership over the design process. Translating pain points into elegant solutions, while building scalable design systems for typography, color, components, and layouts.